Manual Tuning

A powerful file editor with intelligent features.

Browser-based editing allowing for unrivalled capabilities.

Pre Defined Map Packs

Immediately access full pre-defined map packs for any file, no need to define maps yourself.

Intuitive Tune Tools

Make precise changes to values using our range of intuitive and tactile modification tools.

Navigate Using Hex Viewer

Browse your file using the familiar look of the 2D hex viewer with 8, 16 and 32 bit modes.

Tune Tools

Modify values precisely with advanced tools

The Gradient Tool introduces a new tactile approach to map editing, giving you the ability to click and drag on a selection to create smooth changes. If you need to make more precise changes then the Formula Bar makes it easy to perform basic and advanced functions on a group of values.

Hex Viewer

Navigate through files in 8, 16 or 32 Bit

The Hex Viewer lets you visualise the entire calibration area in a familiar 2D mode, highlighting and intelligently separating different maps and sub-routines.

My Maps

Quickly find modified and favourited maps

Speedweaver’s advanced map detection makes it easier than ever to find the maps you’re looking for. Browse by grouped sub-routines or search by codename and map descriptions.

Axis editing

Modify standalone and shared axes

Speedweaver gives you full access to modify any map's X and Y axis, we even take into account axes which are shared across multiple maps.

View Modes

Visualise data as 2D and 3D interactive representations

Depending on the type of map or axis you're editing you have access to visualise the data in either an interactive 2D or 3D mode as well as the usual table view.

Help Bar

Easily access help and tips from the help bar

The help bar in the bottom left gives you useful tips on any area of the editor that you hover over, as well as details of keyboard shortcuts and colour codes.

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