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Data Logs

Capture and review live vehicle data

As well as Live Monitoring, our mobile app lets you record and save datalogs to the cloud. The built in log viewer gives you precise control over how you review your data with advanced graphing, multi-channel view and playback.

  • Supports WiFi and Bluetooth OBD devices
  • Record up to 10 PIDs at a time
  • Log realtime GPS geo-data
  • Build custom parameter groups
  • Monitor using Live Dashboard

Acceleration Tests

Run vehicle acceleration performance tests

Track the improvements your tunes make to a vehicle by running up to 3 acceleration tests at a time.


Quickly diagnose issues and areas for improvement

As well as helping to identify tuning improvements our mobile app can also read and clear DTC fault codes.

Desktop Viewer

Review your data logs on your desktop

Multi-Channel Views

Group and spread parameters across up to four separate channels for clearer diagnosis.

Custom Parameter Settings

Modify parameter layouts, colours, min and max values and visualisation types to suit your needs.

Data Log Sharing

Easily share your data logs with colleagues and customers to gather feedback or gain insights.

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