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Custom ECU Tuning & Remapping.


Stage 1 & 2 tune templates.


Customise in the Editor.


Add addons like overrun crackles.

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Tuning file editor with fully defined map packs for €14.95 per month.

* All prices are exclusive of VAT


Fully defined map packs help you learn & customise tuning.

Building map packs is time consuming, Speedweaver detects thousands of maps in seconds.

Intelligent map detection.

Utilising our large repository of map data, Speedweaver uses intelligent detection algorithms to allow you to generate full map packs for your files.

Hex Viewer

Fully Defined

Speedweaver detects up to 40,000 maps in compatible files.

Built for Speed

Fully defined map packs, built automatically in under two minutes.

Validated Data

Our map pack data is validated by our experienced engineers.


Stage & patch templates from €5.

Stage Templates and Addons allow you to quickly apply a range of pre-defined modifications to your files. * All prices are exclusive of VAT

Stage 1 and Stage 2 templates help you to tune faster.

Our templates highlight key maps and apply base modifications that you can use as a starting point in your tunes.

Speedweaver Editor

Use Addons to apply ready-to-use solutions.

Options include:

3 Bar MAP Sensor

4 Bar MAP Sensor

Catalyst Monitoring Off



Overrun Crackles

TVA Swirl Off




Tune files manually, right from your browser.

Speedweaver is a 21st century alternative to WinOLS.

Speedweaver Editor
Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your workflow with intuitive shortcuts.

My Maps

My Maps

Find all your favourited and edited maps in one place.



Refine rough edges in your maps quickly and easily.

Codename Search

Codename Search

Jump straight to the maps and folders you need.

Drag Points

Drag Points

Tactile corner and edge points allow for precise edits.

Relative Changes

Relative Change

Visualise changes by percentage or absolute.

Axis Editing

Axis Editing

Modify the X and Y axes for each of your maps.

Revert Changes

Revert Changes

Quickly revert maps to their original state.

But that's not all.

Speedweaver is packed full of features that help you save time, money and work more effectively.

Unrivaled Quality

Unrivaled Quality

Our stage templates provide you with a great foundation, allowing you to tweak performance.

Software Updates

Platform Updates

We’re continuously releasing platform updates for new families of ECU.

Access Anywhere

Access Anywhere

Log into Speedweaver and tune from any desktop browser.

Tune Anytime

Tune Anytime

24/7 access means you can tune on your terms, not fit into a resellers schedule.

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Get Access Now!

Get immediate access with our monthly subscription for access. Upload tuning files and edit them straight away or purchase a stage template or addon.



€14.95 / month

YesUnlimited Manual Projects

YesUnlimited Diagnostics Logs

Plus €10 per Stage Template

Plus €5 per Addon

YesFull File Editor Features

YesFile Editor Map Definitions

YesRapid File Processing

YesProject Retention


Billed Monthly • Cancel Anytime

* All prices are exclusive of VAT

Compatible With All Master Tools

Alien TechAutotunerBFlashCMDDimsportMagic