Automated Tuning

Tune files in under 90 seconds,
with 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Upload your ORI binary file from the projects dashboard

Navigate to the Projects Dashboard and upload your original binary file. Speedweaver will begin processing the file to detect maps and prepare your automated tuning options. This process should take around 1 minute to complete.

Performance Graphs

Visualise improvements on an interactive graph

Each of our base layer Tuning Wizards comes with an illustration of the expected performance improvements in terms of both power (hp) and torque (nm)

Request wizards

Our engineers are on hand to create new wizards

Our engineers are on hand to provide you with expanded map definition packs and advanced wizards.

Fine Tune

Fine tune modifications in the file editor

Open your tuned project in the Editor and you’ll see all of the edited maps in the ‘My Maps’ tab. You can then tweak the modifications to suit exactly what you need.

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