Frequently Asked Questions


What does Speedweaver do?

Speedweaver™’ was designed and developed to revolutionise the chip tuning industry by giving control back to the tuning shops instead of ‘tuning file wholesalers’. Speedweaver™ simplifies ECU tuning by giving fully defined map definitions at extremely low cost.

By allowing costs to be minimised and allowing skills to develop within workshop, Speedweaver™ has the most competitive tuning file solution in the world with file prices averaging €1 on the Speedweaver™ professional subscription package.

How does it work?

Speedweaver™ is the world’s first online ECU tuning platform. Speedweaver™ Detect is our smart AI system that parses an uploaded file and creates map descriptions by using real A2L / Damos data. On average our AI system will provide 1000+ map definitions for each uploaded file in english.

What flash tools are supported?

Speedweaver™ will support Autotuner, CMD, Alientech, bFlash, DIMsport, Magic Motorsport and MPPS master tools. Speedweaver™ slaves can be purchased that will allow auto-encoding and standalone checksum correction -

What are ‘Stage wizards’?

At the click of a button, create Stage 1 or 2 base tunes (on supported ECU families) these can be fine tuned to meet your requirements. Power outputs can be found on the mobile APP.

How much does it cost?

Subscription tiers and features can be found here -

When can I access the demo?

A demo version of Speedweaver™ will be available 2nd April.

What ECU families / vehicle manufactures are supported?

Supported ECU families will be released April 2nd. Our back-office team will be constantly updating the supported list. Users will get a notification on the Speedweaver™ ID app when a new family has been added.

What browser is recommended?

Speedweaver™ Editor is optimised for Google Chrome. It can be downloaded here -